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        醫院制劑Hospital Preparation


        A group of doctors of traditional Chinese medicine specially research and develop preparations for the hospital.

        中藥新藥研發New Traditional Chinese Medicine Research


        A group of doctors of traditional Chinese medicine specially provides research and development scheme of safe and effective new traditional Chinese medicine.

        養生食品研發Health Food Research and Development


        A group of doctors of traditional Chinese medicine specially research and develop health food for enhancing physique, preventing disease and recuperating.

        食療研發Dietotherapy Research and Development


        Dietotherapy refers to regulating the immunity system and improving health by taking advantage of characteristics of food under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

        美容和化妝品研發Research of Skincare&Cosmetics


        It refers to that a senior group of doctors of traditional Chinese medicine develop safe and effective skincare and cosmetics products with traditional Chinese medicine extract as raw material.

        新型日用品New Articles of Everyday Use


        Refer to safe and effective articles of everyday use for alleviating sub-health status.

        中藥提取物Traditional Chinese Medicine Extract


        Refer to separating and purifying effective constituents from traditional Chinese medicine, and carrying out research and development.

        個性化定制平臺Customized Platform


        Refer to customizing various products according to customer demands.


        中藥提取平臺 | 中藥分離純化平臺 | 中藥濃縮干燥平臺 | 中藥制劑加工平臺